Artists who need to perform precision art work or meticulous needle work on canvas require stretcher bars to stretch their canvas. These bars are used to make wooden frames that hold the canvas to provide an even and leveled surface for artists to work on. Made with high quality wood and beaded edges these canvas stretcher bars are perfect for displaying finished art works as well. You will notice that lots of artists love presenting their work in these canvas stretchers during exhibitions and in art galleries. Artists can choose from a variety of frames to suit their requirements. You can e. (read more) Stretcher bars are used by artists for supporting their artwork and they are usually made of the finest quality wood. They come in a wide assortment of sizes and artists can choose them according to their specific requirements. You can make your pick from different options available such the medium duty bars, the standard duty ones, the heavy duty and the super heavy duty. Canvas stretchers are used to provide the needed support to showcase an artist's canvas paintings. Four stretcher bars are joined to form a frame of the required shape and size. However, every artist must pay special . Canvas Stretcher an Artists Best Friend September 27, 2012 Canvas stretcher, as the name suggests, are used to stretch out canvas for the artist to work. Stretcher bars are basically wooden bars that make either a square or rectangular frames. These frames help stretch out large canvas to form a crease-free and smooth surface to work on. A good quality canvas bar can also be used to display the finished art work in a gallery or an exhibition. There are many dealers available to choose from, but it is important to recognize which ones provide best quality and services. Steadiness of the wood is crucial in maintaining its shape. To make canvas stretche. Order Online for Quality Canvas Stretchers September 18, 2012 There are several online stretcher bar warehouses but you need to find out the right one so that you can order online for quality canvas bar at reasonable rates. Basically, you need to know the warehouse you can rely on for canvas stretcher of quality, the right specification, right price and the correct standard of manufacture. This must be the warehouse that will always give you canvas stretchers that do not warp or bend, crack or sag or get damaged in any way while either stretching or subsequently while handling, of course with due care being exercised in each case. The warehouse must give. Guide To Buying Heavy Duty Canvas Stretchers September 11, 2012 Canvas stretcher bars (often referred to as canvas stretcher bars or simply as, stretcher bars) are essentially ingeniously crafted contraptions, usually made of wood, that are used to stretch and hold canvas sheets of varying sizes. One may look upon them as basic frames for canvas sheets. However, most canvas stretchers (or stretcher bars) can be used for a variety of purposes, such keeping the canvas stretched while it is being worked upon, framing them for an exhibition, making them ready for easy portability and even long-term storage. On the basis of the size and weight of the canvas b. Your Artwork Needs Good Stretcher Frames Bars August 13, 2012 A beautiful painting on canvas draws the attention of many, but no one pays attention towards the stretcher frame apart from the painting artist. It is only an artist who understands the role of stretcher frames in making graceful paintings. The painting artists use stretcher frames to mount their canvases. They are generally rectangular shaped wooden frameworks on which artists fasten their pieces of canvases. The frames must be strong and graceful to look at and must stretch the canvas without tearing it or letting it to sag. But since a stretcher is a frame, it can be built in a varie. Rex Art Features Pre-Cut Stretcher Bars April 17, 2012 Miami, FL - Canvas stretcher bars from Rex Art are pre-cut and spliced for easy assembly. All of the art supplier's stretcher bars are high quality and great for stretching own canvases. Rex Art carries a wide variety of stretcher bars from trusted manufacturers such as Fredrix and BEST. Artists can choose from lightweight to heavy duty, stretch bars depending on their needs and save even more when buying in bulk. Rex Art offers stretcher bars in a variety of weights and sizes made to suit the specifications of different types of canvases. Artists can customize the look and feel of a canv. (read more)